37&38/52 The Magic Mailbox.

There is a magic mailbox at A's school. At every Friday "town meeting" (a school-wide end-of-week assembly, but really more like a rally, with videos/slideshows/music), a question is posed to the students. Over the following week they create their answers and place them in the mailbox. Their answers may be in the form of a drawing, story/poem, song, or clay sculpture. Last Friday, the question was, "If you were King or Queen of IAA, what would you serve for lunch?". On the way home from school, A decided it would be cucumber salad. The girl loves cucumbers! Then she asked if we had any clay. Well, "no, but we could make some, I guess," was eventually my answer (it took me a while to figure out that we could, indeed, actually make some!). And so our weekend project began. Other than cutting the "cucumbers," she did the entire project herself, and she was so proud to place it in the mailbox on Monday morning.


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So cool! Can we repost this on the IAA Facebook page and/or blog?

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