7/52 Symmetry

And a little construction symmetry thrown in for good measure, to commemorate the fact that it has basically taken over my life (said with only a slight snicker). (OK, this is embarrassing. Blogger has apparently changed its format on me, because my images and text are lining up even wonkier than before, now. Yet another tech issue to "explore.")

5/52 Texture

The kids got to paint their own rooms, and had so much fun doing it!

5/52 Low Light Photography

Close-up Portraiture - CM Blog Circle

I am thrilled to be starting a new project this year with an extremely talented group of photographers from Clickinmoms, in the form of a blog circle. Every month we are given a different theme, and challenged to capture an image bearing that theme. Each of our blog posts will link to another, all the way through the group. This year, the themes have been chosen in order to push both our our creativity and technical skills. I am super excited to be a part of this project, and at the same time quite humbled to be amongst this group of women. I know there will be much inspiration and eye candy, so make sure to make your way through the whole group! To start the project off, this month's theme is close-up portraiture. I ended up with two quite different images, and decided to include both. Same boy, same window, different days.
Now that you're done here, head on over to see Elise's take on close-up portraiture!