25/52 Ho Hum.

Something's always gotta' give, doesn't it? Over the past few weeks, since I've been getting myself into shape (go TurboFire!) and working on a few projects for Anika's preschool, I have hardly picked up my camera. I figured this pic was appropriate for this week, as it's pretty fitting for how I'm feeling about my photography, or lack there-of, lately.

24/52 Mmmmmmm

One of summer's finest treats... the creemee (that's Vermont-speak for soft serve ice cream!).

23/52 You know it's summer when...

the lemonade stand begins! This was their first time to have a lemonade stand, and everyone was so excited!

Drinking the profits before even the first customer!

"Lemonade! Lemonade for sale!"

Filling an order.

So careful not to spill!

22/52 Yam Scram.

That's the kids' version of the Vermont City Marathon. It is such a wonderful event, with 3 different race distances for the kids. Every kid gets a medal, so everyone feels super special! Anika and her friend Olivia held hands the entire way!