Back to School.

Enough with the school shots, right?! I wanted to do an "official" back-to-school shoot of A at her new school. Kindergarten is a big deal, after all! Despite being exhausted the first week of school, she insisted on going to do it one evening. She has been very excited about her new school clothes, and I think she wanted an excuse to wear them, as it's been too warm during the day so far to do so. Fatigue did end up getting the better part of her before too long, but I think we got a couple keepers.


Leandre said...

Beautiful! I love the hopscotch shots; they do perfectly capture your girlie's spunk.

tatyannashope said...

Love this set!! All the best to your little girl as she starts kindergarten! :)

The Spauldings said...

These turned out fantastic, Tamra!! I love 2 and 4, and those hopscotch pictures are perfect! What great ways to capture A as she starts her school journey!

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