Our Everyday, 38/52. Cook.

Our Everyday, 37/52. Me.

This self-portrait thing is really, agonizingly hard for me. Instagram and Clickinmom's Glimpse project to the rescue.

Our Everyday, 36/52. Toes.

"Mom, I know these are on backward, but I'm OK with that."

Our Everyday, 35/52. Clothes.

First day of Kindergarten and first grade; back to school clothes time!

The way I view "Playtime."

Late-summer playtime in Vermont always involves being outside, and frequently revolves around food, or most-typically, picking-your-own-food.
Now pop on over to Rachel's site to see how she views playtime.

Our Everyday, 34/52. Drive.

About 30 minutes, here to there.