42/52 Chinese garden at night

If you are ever in Montreal in the fall, this is a show not to be missed. I love the contrasts between the Chinese pagoda, Olympic tower, and full moon in this first image. It's three whole different worlds in one.

41/52 Foliage

40/52 A walk in the woods.

39/52 Bokeh and a walk

I met a few other photographers for a fun walk at Shelburne Farms. What a beautiful setting, on an amazingly warm autumn day. Plus, I was lucky enough to be able to borrow one of their macro lenses, and get a little 'dew bokeh.'

Humanizing a nonhuman - CM Blog Circle

I'm pulling from the archives for this round; April 2010 to be exact! When I heard the topic for this month, I immediately thought of this image, and although it was taken at the beginning of my photography journey, there is something about it that will remain endearing to me. We are a small circle this month; make sure to click over to see Mickie's interesting interpretation and give her three cheers for her great images!