51/52 A princess, a rock star, and some gingerbread men.

a princess
a rock star
some gingerbread men 1

50/52 The colors of preschool.

the colors of preschool

49/52 Advent calendar day 12

Making sushi! OK, so it doesn't seem very holiday-like, but I found some cute kid chopsticks, and it was a great family activity. I think it may be a new tradition for us!

And here's the advent calendar the kids and I made. I wanted the numbers to be mixed up, like in the cardboard ones, so they would have to search for the right number each day. They cut and glued pictures to the back, so once they open the bag for the day, they turn the bag around and see the picture. Simple, but fun.
Advent Calendar

I am so humbled.

My favorite photography website recently underwent some changes. They put a call out for all members to submit 2 of their fav photos, for consideration for their new website header. Well, they picked one of mine!! I am beyond thrilled, and can't even believe I am in the company of such amazing photographers, many of them pros from all over the world! Here's the link to the site, and my pic is in the third roll: http://www.clickinmoms.com/.

Here's the chosen image. You may have seen it here before.

48/52 A gingerbread party.

naked gingerbread house
gingerbread 1

47/52 Snow in the city.

We took our 3rd annual family trip to Montreal the day after Thanksgiving, and woke up to the first snow of the season the next morning. It was so lovely!
snowy Montreal
snow in the city