Our Everyday, 51/52. Memory.

The annual Christmas sugar cookie decorating tradition.

Our Everyday, 50/52. Pizzelle.

A tradition being passed down from their Italian Dad. Yum!

Our Everyday, 49/52. Color.

There is certainly no lack of color in our living room. Can you tell I like red?!
Isn't this how everyone puts Legos together?

Our Everyday, 48/52. Messy.

This is my boy's bed. He's got lots of company at bedtime!

Our Everyday, 47/52. Water.

The way I view "Blessings."

This year at Thanksgiving, blessings came in the form of a chess game, turkey basting, deviled eggs, football, red sparkles worn with a dress from my childhood, and the time to relax and enjoy it all. Every single day, though, blessings are all around me in my wonderful family.
As part of the blog circle, keep going to see how Rachel views blessings.

Our Everyday, 46/52. Pretty.

Pretty silly outtake from our Christmas card picture.

Our Everyday, 45/52. Comfort.

A lazy morning, snuggled with the kids.

Our Everyday, 44/52. Stop.

Doesn't every parent wish they could stop time at some point? Or at least slow it down. Our beautiful baby girl has, in the blink of an eye, turned into a beautiful 7 year old. She's also still goofy, which I hope she holds onto forever!

The way I view "Halloween."

A squirrel enjoyed the last one for dinner...
This was actually from a party over the weekend. Little did I know that little a wouldn't want to dress up for actual Halloween night. I would have at least moved the pillows to get a better picture!
Now go see what fun Rachel had with Halloween.

Our Everyday, 43/52. Together.

Together, we played hookey! "Mom, you're going the long way!" said big A, annoyed, when we missed the turn for their school. I highly recommend a surprise day of hookey for anyone; it was such a delight to see them so excited, and we had so much fun! We started out at a coffee shop for some breakfast.
Then we went to our new house for a while.
Next we went for a hike in the woods. We spent hours there, climbing to the tops of "mountains," making bridges for animals to cross over streams, finding treasures to use as decorations at home, and generally being goofy.

Our Everyday, 41&42/52. Dark. Friend.

I'm cheating on this one. I'm all out of order, and way over-sharing. This post could also have been titled "Montreal in sun and rain." Every year we do an overnight in Montreal. This year is was a month earlier than usual, and what a difference. No winter coats!
Here's the friend part:
Here's the dark part: