51/52 Letters to Santa.

50/52 After the party.

49/52 Mister Elfie.

48/52 Before.

Before the mouth was wiped after lunch. Before the shoes were put on. Before the fake smiles came out.

47/52 Jumping, in Montreal.

There was also some hiding, with penguin, in Montreal.

(For any photogs that might be glancing, these were all edited with CM's film art presets.)

46/52 Jeh Kulu

Jeh Kulu is a West African drum and dance group that did a 2-week residency at A's school. They ended with a performance with all the classes. What a great, energy-filled night!

45/53 light.

44/52 My favorite part of the night.

Stellar pictures, they may not be. Wonderful memories, they certainly are.
From earlier that evening, here are Rapunzel and Harry (from "Harry and Horsie").

43/52 She's 6!

We had lots of celebrations this week, for one very special girl. I love you like crazy, little missie! Happy 6 years old!

42/52 A red barn.

41/52 Pumpkins, big and small.

And now for the big ones...

40/52 Money, money, money.

39/52 A fall tradition.

Making applesauce every fall has been a tradition in my family ever since I can remember. Growing up, I knew nothing other than homemade applesauce. I had no idea you could buy applesauce in a jar! I must admit that all that homemade goodness turned me into a bit of an applesauce-snob, and I refuse to buy the stuff at the grocery, unless it's for cooking or a very occasional small cup purchase to bring on trips for the kids. It's a whole-day affair, with enough made to enjoy hopefully until next year's apple harvest. The cooked apples, cinnamon and nutmeg make the whole house smell delicous! I am so thrilled to be able to pass on this tradition to my kids, who now look forward to grinding it through the mill every year.

37&38/52 The Magic Mailbox.

There is a magic mailbox at A's school. At every Friday "town meeting" (a school-wide end-of-week assembly, but really more like a rally, with videos/slideshows/music), a question is posed to the students. Over the following week they create their answers and place them in the mailbox. Their answers may be in the form of a drawing, story/poem, song, or clay sculpture. Last Friday, the question was, "If you were King or Queen of IAA, what would you serve for lunch?". On the way home from school, A decided it would be cucumber salad. The girl loves cucumbers! Then she asked if we had any clay. Well, "no, but we could make some, I guess," was eventually my answer (it took me a while to figure out that we could, indeed, actually make some!). And so our weekend project began. Other than cutting the "cucumbers," she did the entire project herself, and she was so proud to place it in the mailbox on Monday morning.

Back to School.

Enough with the school shots, right?! I wanted to do an "official" back-to-school shoot of A at her new school. Kindergarten is a big deal, after all! Despite being exhausted the first week of school, she insisted on going to do it one evening. She has been very excited about her new school clothes, and I think she wanted an excuse to wear them, as it's been too warm during the day so far to do so. Fatigue did end up getting the better part of her before too long, but I think we got a couple keepers.

36/52 Off to preschool.

This boy was jumping-out-of-his-skin-excited to go to preschool. And I'm not sure I've ever seen such love for a lunchbox before!
Yes, there is a watermark now on the pics. After noticing some hits from Brazil on the blog, I'm getting more paranoid about people stealing photos. This is just a way to make it a little less tempting.

35/52 Kindergarten!

Our oldest started Kindergarten this week. Oh, how bittersweet it is. Thankfully, she was SO excited, and I know she's so very ready.
Don't you wish you had a pair of purple sparkly shoes like that?!
"The road ahead."

34/52 From the other side.

Every summer, friends and I take the kids on a ferry ride to Essex, NY. There's a beautiful park they play in, a small beach to splash in, and the day is always topped off with a trip to the ice cream shop (that we are convinced is actually a cover for something else). We are so used to seeing the Adirondacks as our mountain view, it's nice to see what our lovely "Green Mountain State" looks like, from the other side of the lake.
"A, come lay your head on Mommy's tummy to rest a little." And this is what she got - so cute!
I just thought this one was funny, so I'm sharing. I'll call it "the levitating boy." Note to self: jumping shots don't work from this angle.