9/52 Self portrait, sort of.

We're headed to the sunshine tomorrow, for a little over a week - woo hoo! This is what I've been doing all day, so it's about the best I could come up with for a self-portrait in the midst of the packing madness.

8/52 "It's all how you look at it."

She's playin' in a cardboard box
Cut-out windows and cut-out doors
It's her beautiful house
Fifteen rooms and eighteen floors

It's all how you look at it
It's all how you look at it
And How you look at it
Is really up to you

(Lyrics from Putamayo Kids Folk Playground, "It's All How You Look At It," by Brady Rymer.)

And just because I love this little peek.

7/52 For the love of carpentry.

I joined a group of other "Project 52ers" today, and they use a different theme each week for their photos. I'm hoping it gives me a little creativity boost. The theme this week is "love," and I'm using a picture I had already taken for the week. My son loves working with his Daddy, and takes his job very seriously!

6/52 Plan B.

I had a few ideas for some Valentine shots today. "Mom, there's an almond up my nose" sorta' changed my plans! With a visit to the ER (our very first!), said almond was expelled and life has since returned to normal. So, instead of Valentine shots, I'm going with "things they love," since love is what Valentines Day is about anyway, right?!

Alexandre LOVES his drums. And he's got a very specific routine when he starts and stops playing them, including placing his things just so on the stool and putting on/removing his "drum shoes."

Anika loves Gorilla, and he is frequently by her side. She also loves dressing "fancy" in her skirts, tights, and fancy shoes.

The B/P family.

I got to go to a friend's house and take pictures of her family. Just for fun. Just to see what I could come up with. Here are a few. Thanks for being my guinea pigs, B/P family!

Sledding with the cousins.

Yes, more pictures of my kids in the snow! I couldn't resist an extra post this week, for a few reasons. First, what a fun day we had with my brother and his family yesterday! They have a huge hill right near their house, and everybody had a blast! Second, I finally upgraded my photo software and look at what I can do now - a collage. I was so excited to try the collage that I didn't edit any of the pics first, so these are all SOOC.


And to give credit where credit is due, the template for the collage is here. Thank you!

5/52 Skiing in the street.

Well, sidewalk in these pictures, but we really did ski in the street, too! There was so much snow that it was hard to tell that she even had skis on. I always say that if it's going to be winter, there'd better be snow. This winter certainly hasn't disappointed!