Our Everyday, 4/52. Eat.

My first attempt with my new toy- the iphone- on the big screen.

Our Everyday, 3/52. Create.

Our Everyday, 2/52. Dry.

Our Everyday, 1/52. Happy.

Another year, another 52 week project. Another photog friend (who's blog will be live soon) and I are challenging ourselves to capture our families, doing what we do, with a specific word prompt each week. We hope to capture the mundane as well as the fantastic, the happy and the sad; all the elements that make up Our Everyday lives.

This was actually not the image that I took with 'happy' in mind this week, but for some unexplainable reason this cheese stick made my girl so silly happy that I couldn't not use it. Especially since it captures another piece of her life. See that band-aid? It's covering the reason for her first visit to the ER. 5 stitches, 3 Beanie Babies and a cheese stick later, and she's as good as new!

52/52 Music.

Another year has come and gone, and another project has been completed! Thank you to whomever may be out there following along. Stay tuned for a few new projects for next year!