8/52 What we did instead.

We made the best of never making it to Florida, and had a bunch of fun locally instead. Here's how we spent one evening. Embrace the noise - ISO was set to 3200. I'm still struggling with moving my focus points, but I've still got 44 weeks to go, right? Sure hope I get it before that, though!
And here's one from an overnight to Stowe. We finally got snow!!

7/52 The vacation that never was.

No great photography here. No beach photos, no playing with back lighting, sunsets on the beach, full sun images. Just 4 hours on a plane that went nowhere. Our luggage had a nice trip to Florida and back, though!

6/52 A tea party.

Who doesn't love a princess tea party?

5/52 Focus, and my friend's cutie!

I've been working on my focus lately, starting with committing to using changing focal points instead of focusing/recomposing. It's really hard! This is F -he was at our house for a playdate - isn't he absolutely adorable?!
P.S. I don't know how to fix the blown areas yet :).