51/52 Ice

50/52 Buddies

49/52 Snowflakes

48/52 The tree

47/52 Let it snow!

Creating drama with light - CM blog circle

I'm back for another month with the wonderful Clickinmoms blog circle! This months theme is creating drama with light. I set out to capture my daughter reading in some beautiful, direct afternoon light coming through onto her face, with my brand new lensbaby. However, the angles just weren't right, and I didn't want to bug her with, "chin down, turn right, blah, blah, blah." I looked over at my son happily playing with his legos and jumped at the chance to capture him. Not sure it actually qualifies as dramatic, but I love the bright light spilling down, and his unscripted, creative play. Please make your way on through our circle to see some wonderful interpretations of the theme, starting with the very talented Beth. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

46/52 All lined up

45/52 Missing teeth and chapped lips

44/52 Halloween

43/52 Birthday projects

42/52 Chinese garden at night

If you are ever in Montreal in the fall, this is a show not to be missed. I love the contrasts between the Chinese pagoda, Olympic tower, and full moon in this first image. It's three whole different worlds in one.

41/52 Foliage

40/52 A walk in the woods.

39/52 Bokeh and a walk

I met a few other photographers for a fun walk at Shelburne Farms. What a beautiful setting, on an amazingly warm autumn day. Plus, I was lucky enough to be able to borrow one of their macro lenses, and get a little 'dew bokeh.'

Humanizing a nonhuman - CM Blog Circle

I'm pulling from the archives for this round; April 2010 to be exact! When I heard the topic for this month, I immediately thought of this image, and although it was taken at the beginning of my photography journey, there is something about it that will remain endearing to me. We are a small circle this month; make sure to click over to see Mickie's interesting interpretation and give her three cheers for her great images!

38/52 Autumn

Autumn in Vermont means applesauce making!

37/52 Color

36/52 School

Better late than never, here are some from the kids' first day of school.

35/52 Labor

Making Daddy's birthday cards. A labor of love.

34/52 Hideaway