Our Everyday, 51/52. Memory.

The annual Christmas sugar cookie decorating tradition.

Our Everyday, 50/52. Pizzelle.

A tradition being passed down from their Italian Dad. Yum!

Our Everyday, 49/52. Color.

There is certainly no lack of color in our living room. Can you tell I like red?!
Isn't this how everyone puts Legos together?

Our Everyday, 48/52. Messy.

This is my boy's bed. He's got lots of company at bedtime!

Our Everyday, 47/52. Water.

The way I view "Blessings."

This year at Thanksgiving, blessings came in the form of a chess game, turkey basting, deviled eggs, football, red sparkles worn with a dress from my childhood, and the time to relax and enjoy it all. Every single day, though, blessings are all around me in my wonderful family.
As part of the blog circle, keep going to see how Rachel views blessings.