39/52 Silhouettes.

Our last assignment, and so much fun! These are the 3 photos I posted for critique.
crazy curls silhouette
hula hoop silhouette
a mama and her boy silhouette

38/52 Finding some backlight.

You guessed it, last week's assignment was backlighting. What a fun and challenging week it was!



37/52 Open shade.

I am taking a workshop about "finding the light." Last weeks assignment was open shade. Can you guess where this photo was taken??
(She's in the back of our SUV.)

Here's another, at the library.

36/52 Teeny little feet.

Just 8 days old. So precious!

35/52 Finding the light.

45 deg w/o reflec

34/52 Trying some backlighting.

trying some backlighting