30/52 Swimming lessons.

It is with great joy that I introduce to you Mr. Fish and Ms. Mermaid.

29/52 He's 4!

Well, he will be in a few days, and we already had a party to celebrate! Happy Birthday, my Rock-and-Roller!

28/52 Fairy Princess Dance Camp.

And just for a bit of randomness...

27/52 A bike parade.

Every July 3rd, our "North Quarter" neighborhood pulls together a kids' bike parade followed by a party in the park. We live in a very mixed neighborhood, in a University town, with college students and families. It's events like this that make all the trials that come with living next door to college students so worth it!

Face painting, done by kids, beforehand.

Can I just tell you that I love that he loves his pink bike?! Never a word said about a pink hand-me-down from his sister!

The girl in the flag robe is actually playing the trumpet, and reading the music that is pinned on the woman's shirt in front of her.

The Grand Marshall, keeping everyone in line, making sure the big kids don't get too far in front.

"I can ride in the middle of the street?!"

Sno-cones in the park.

The cake game; hands down every kid's favorite game there! The winner gets a cake, so you can see the appeal.

26/52 "A super, duper fun day."

That was the declaration by Alexandre at the end of our first camping day of the summer. And indeed it was. The "super-ness" started when we spotted a MOOSE on the way! And no, I didn't have my camera ready. Nor was it ready for the BEAR that ran in front of our car the next day! It was ready, however, for many other camping highlights...
Lots of jumping. Into a few inches of water.

Foot burying.

The requisite s'mores.

A hike. With appearances by Mr. Grumpy.

And even some tranquility.