21/52 Construction.

The boy loves construction. So when a paving project, which was already exciting, turned into a huge sinkhole, mega-project, it was entertainment for days! We decided to do our own construction while watching the real stuff happen.

20/52 Vintage.

This week's theme had me stepping outside my comfort zone (where are the kids?!), but it was the perfect opportunity to showcase two of my most prized possessions, my Grandmother's watch and ring.

See girls run.

Run, girls, run.

19/52 Colorful fun.

This mural is right outside the restaurant that the kids and I went to for Mother's Day breakfast (DH is working every single day this month :(, so couldn't join us). They were so excited to check it out, and Anika wanted to be IN the mural for the pictures!

18/52 Me, finally.

I finally stepped in front of the camera! My kids were very excited to try a self-timed shot, so I was quite enthusiastic about the potential results. I didn't even care that my hair cut was the very next day. Their enthusiasm lasted for one entire shot. One. Needless to say, that was the test shot, where half of me is cut off and we're blurry, but the kids are smiling beautifully. Oh, well. This is what we got instead. A leg in the way, a squished girl, and a hand in a mouth, but still very us.