8/52 "It's all how you look at it."

She's playin' in a cardboard box
Cut-out windows and cut-out doors
It's her beautiful house
Fifteen rooms and eighteen floors

It's all how you look at it
It's all how you look at it
And How you look at it
Is really up to you

(Lyrics from Putamayo Kids Folk Playground, "It's All How You Look At It," by Brady Rymer.)

And just because I love this little peek.


Jamie said...

The best toy a child can have is a empty box. My girls will play with a box for hours :D

Julie said...

So glad you joined CM's project 52. I see your pic (at the top of your blog) every time I log into CM and just love it! So glad I can tell you now how beautiful I think it is.

Tamra said...

Thanks so much, Julie!


absolutely lovet the perspective here.

sarahwilkerson said...

Tamra, I am just ADORING your style -- clean, sweet, and real. I feel like this is such a genuine look into your life. The perspective here is incredible - so creative ... and the photography is just beautiful. So glad I found your blog - anxious to continue following you.

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