6/52 Plan B.

I had a few ideas for some Valentine shots today. "Mom, there's an almond up my nose" sorta' changed my plans! With a visit to the ER (our very first!), said almond was expelled and life has since returned to normal. So, instead of Valentine shots, I'm going with "things they love," since love is what Valentines Day is about anyway, right?!

Alexandre LOVES his drums. And he's got a very specific routine when he starts and stops playing them, including placing his things just so on the stool and putting on/removing his "drum shoes."

Anika loves Gorilla, and he is frequently by her side. She also loves dressing "fancy" in her skirts, tights, and fancy shoes.



Luv the second one. Too cute

Shannon Joy said...

Eek! Sorry about the almond!! Love your shots!!!

tatyannashope said...

I had to smile at the almond story. My youngest had a thing for putting things up her nose. Miraculously we avoided any trips to the ER and I'm still wondering how we pulled that off!

kim k. said...

OMG! I couldn't help but laugh at that story. lol. I'm glad all is well!! :D

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