8/52 What we did instead.

We made the best of never making it to Florida, and had a bunch of fun locally instead. Here's how we spent one evening. Embrace the noise - ISO was set to 3200. I'm still struggling with moving my focus points, but I've still got 44 weeks to go, right? Sure hope I get it before that, though!
And here's one from an overnight to Stowe. We finally got snow!!


Sarah said...

Looks like you had fun anyways.

Laura Lu said...

love the bowling balls shot! such fun colors!

Andy Murphy said...

I love the Anika shot. 'Specially the compliment of her purple shirt and the purple reflecting off the alley.

Andy Murphy said...

I wonder if Alexandre had a reflection in that ball. I love getting a picture of the reflection from mirrors, I bet the distortion from a round object would be pretty cool!

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