3/52 A Random Act of Kindness

My DS and I were at a bakery. A man came over, made smilie and funny faces at my DS, and then went back to his seat. A few minutes later, he walked over from the counter, put this on the table, and walked away. I barely had time to yell "thank you" before he was out the door.

 Inside the bag was this slice of deliciousness! I've never had anything like that happen to me before, and was quite taken by his kindness. I thought maybe my DS reminded him of someone he knows, or knew. Whatever it was, I was grateful. And so were my kids!



Traca said...

That looks fabulous!!! And how sweet of that man! I love it when my kids see kindness in action - it's such a life lesson!

Becky Schultz said...

awe, this made me a little misty! That's so sweet :)

denean said...

Wonderful story and such a great lesson!

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